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Provided high and low profile Executive Protection Escort services for Dignitaries, VIP’s, Entertainer, and other high level individuals

Healthcare Services

Elite Security Services & Solutions, LLC works closely with its hospital clientele to ensure the stringent security requirements of working in a healthcare environment are met. Since no two hospitals are the same, we assess the areas of opportunity in your environment for proper security staffing and camera placement, as well as safety compliance training for hospital personnel. We develop detailed reporting and management plans allowing you to track the month-to-month safety of your hospital.

Rapid Response and Hospital Patrol

The safety of a healthcare facility is highly dependent on tightly monitoring points of entry and protecting them from unauthorized access. Elite incorporates foot, mobile and K-9 patrols at perimeters and throughout the facility to ensure the protection of staff, patients and visitors. With the experience and knowledge gained by serving inner-city hospitals, we can confidently assign the number and type of Solutions Officers and K-9 Handlers your facility requires.


Solutions Officers

  • These individuals are trained to respond and assist with any situation.
  • Our unarmed officers undergo rigorous de-escalation training to apply the appropriate amount of force and efficiently resolve any incident.
  • A Solutions Officer personifies the Elite Core Values of Discipline, Courtesy, Respect and Care.


Our Solutions Officers embody the care and empathy necessary to assist with patients and visitors, as well as the strength and skill required to quickly respond to and control any instance.


K-9 Handlers

  • These officers execute complete control over highly-trained executive protection canines.
  • Handlers and their dogs provide a presence of high security and alertness wherever they venture.
  • These well-trained canines have the right temperament, obedience and ability to serve all client needs.
  • The K-9 Handlers also embody the Elite Core Values of Discipline, Courtesy, Respect and Care.


The K-9 Handler presence alone provides the assurance of a secure premises. And on the rare occasion when a canine is activated, handlers remain in control utilizing a use of force appropriate K-9 response for the given scenario.


Through the ELITE De-Escalation Program, our Solutions Officers and K-9 Handlers are trained in:


  • Expert de-escalation through clear, direct and respectful engagement
  • Deterrence through courteous display of vigilant force
  • Physical engagement when necessary based on martial arts techniques emphasizing blocking, containing and swift action with minimal force
  • Continuous patrolling to pro-actively identify and prevent potentially disruptive situations

High-Risk Patient Monitoring & De-Escalation Services

Elite’s De-Escalation Program makes our De-Escalation Officers significantly qualified to monitor aggressive, violent, suicidal or substance-abuse patients. High-risk patients require special care to ensure patient safety and the well-being of others.


Through the Elite De-Escalation Program, our De-Escalation Officers are trained to:


  • Monitor high-risk patients in Behavioral Health Units
  • Calm, de-escalate and re-direct patients while utilizing appropriate physical techniques that protect staff and patients alike
  • Prevent patients from creating potentially dangerous situations
  • Identify negative trends through Social Context Reporting
  • Use proactive strategies and methodology to stay a step ahead of potentially disruptive situations

Command & Dispatch Operations Center

Our Command & Dispatch Operations Center is the central communications core that monitors the daily activity of any healthcare facility. Our 24-hour command center integrates seamlessly with any hospital security program already in place. It coordinates the rapid response of Solutions Officers, K-9 Handlers and vehicle patrols to any unwanted incident. It enables staff and visitors to share information in person or through the call center. In short, the Command Center monitors hospital activities, consolidates incident detection and increases officer response times. The Command & Dispatch Operations Center includes (but is not limited to):


  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance
  • Emergency Call Center
  • Access Control
  • K-9 Patrol
  • Radio Dispatching
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Officer Reporting

Management Only Program

For hospitals that wish to maintain and employ their own security workforce but want to add a high level of expertise, Elite provides experienced healthcare security leadership to a client’s in-house security workforce.  Not only do our management leaders have IAHSS level expertise and CHPA designation, our leaders are trained in ELITE De-escalation Certification Program standards and Martial Arts based safety protocols.

Hospital Staff Training

Elite’s experience with hospital security training covers a broad spectrum of the healthcare system, including:


  • Emergency Rooms
  • Urgent Care
  • Medical Offices
  • Psychiatric Wards
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Nursing Facilities


We provide comprehensive preparedness training to hospital staff, using drills and exercises to simulate scenarios such as:


  • Workplace Violence
  • Situational Awareness
  • Personal Protection
  • Active Shooter
  • Infant Abductions


We also offer our expertise regarding present-day industry concerns such as managing prisoner or suicidal patients and responding to patient generated violence.

ELITE (Elevated Listening in Tense Environments) De-Escalation Certification Program

The ELITE De-Escalation Certification Program elevates security and effective officer engagement through up to 80 hours of specialized training. Our methodology affords clients a proven system providing an innovative approach to deal with the most complex behavioral health and social driven issues that inner-city hospitals encounter. The goal of the Elite De-Escalation Program is to be proactive verses reactive, while having the flexibility and adaptability to be both.  All Solutions Officers, De-Escalation Officers and K-9 Handlers are trained using this program, which can be customized to fit your unique training needs. The ELITE De-Escalation Certification Program modules include:


The ELITE De-Escalation Certification Program helps develop de-escalation skills, incident management and patrol techniques. It will provide your officers with a heightened sense of awareness and security consciousness, optimizing a healthcare facility’s ability to offer a safe experience to its staff, visitors and patients.